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Kreg Jig R3 Pocket Hole Jig

Kreg Tools Jig R3 pocket hole jig
Stock Status : In Stock
Product Code : R3-INT
Product Brand : KREG
Product Condition:   New
EAN:  0647096807290
GTIN:  647096807290


£30.44 inc. VAT

With the Kreg Jig R3, you can build bookcases, shelves, and storage projects for your home. It's also great for creating custom built-ins, and countless other home improvement projects. Plus, the Kreg Jig R3 can be used to make lasting repairs around your home because it is portable.

Clamp Pad Adaptor
The Kreg Jig R3 includes a Clamp Pad Adaptor, which allows the R3 to be easily secured to your work piece using any standard bar clamp, C-clamp, or Kreg Face Clamp. For faster and more repeatable pocket holes, choose a Kreg  Face Clamp.

Material Thickness Setting
From thin drawer boxes and craft projects to stout 2 x 4 inch (50 x 100 mm, this Kreg Jig R3 can handle just about anything. Independent positioning sliders feature nine depth settings, allowing you to easily join materials from 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) to 11/inch (38 mm) thick in 1/inch (3 mm)increments.

Glass-Reinforced Nylon Body
The blue body of every Kreg Jig is made from a heavy-duty, glass-reinforced nylon. This composite material offers the resiliency and flexibility you need without sacrificing the strength and durability Kreg customers have come to expect.

Superior Angle
Unlike competing jigs with a shallower angle of approach, the Kreg Jig R3 features an optimized drilling angle specifically designed to increase driving efficiency and minimize the overall size of the pocket hole. The result is a compact pocket hole, less than 11/inch (38 mm) size.

Hardened-Steel Core
Kreg drill guides are subject to direct contact with the drill bit every time a pocket hole is created. The core of every Kreg Jig R3 features hardened-steel, which carries a lifetime guarantee. The Kreg Jig R3s core shrouds the bit and supports the work piece through 100% of the drill-stroke. The end result is minimal bit deflection, reduced tear-out, and a clean, pocket hole fit for finished plugged work.

Secure to the work piece with Kreg Face Clamp, any standard bar clamp or C-clamp. Includes Kreg Jig R3, Clamp Pad Adaptor, Stepped Drill Bit, 152 mm (6 inch) Driver Bit, Depth Collar, Allen Wrench, Starter Screw Set, instruction manual and carry case. 12.7-38 mm (1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inch) capacity.

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