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3-IN-ONE Anti-Seize Copper Grease 300ml

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3-IN-ONE Anti-Seize Copper Grease 300ml

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3-IN-ONE Anti-seize Copper Grease is a high temperature lubricant and anti-seize compound that protects metal components from corrosion, rust, water, heat and acid.

Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -18 degrees C to +1,100 degrees C, this grease is also enhanced with graphite for even better lubrication. Once applied, a protective coating is formed which will not wash off or burn, therefore reducing metal to metal friction.

3-IN-ONE professional anti-seize copper grease also assists with the assembly and future dismantling of all threaded metal parts.

Applications; Prevents seizure from high temperature and corrosion. Assists dismantling of threaded fastenings. Prevents disc brake squeal.

Size, 300ml Spray Can

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