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Arbortech Power Chisel

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Arbortech Power Chisel

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The Arbortech Power Chisel is a freehand power-carving tool that enables you to carry out detailed carving and controlled chiselling as well as rapid waste removal. Built around the dedicated Arbortech grinder motor, it does everything a traditional mallet and chisel will do, only easier and faster.
The Power Chisel is extremely easy and safe to use. The chisel only engages and starts to move when pressed onto the timber; the reciprocating action is less than 1 mm. The high frequency movement of the chisel results in very smooth, flowing, controllable and continuous carving. Depth as well as direction of carving is easy to control with high precision and perfect visibility. Quick-change technology means you can change chisel at the click of a button.
With low vibration and a long working life, this is a great tool for detailed carving, chiselling, lettering and adding texture to carvings.
This package includes a complete set of 7 chisels in a chisel pouch, as well as special lubrication oil and spare felt.

Key Features

  • Detail carving and chiselling with precise control
  • Great for texturing and lettering
  • Powerful, smooth reciprocating action
  • Activated when pressed onto work piece
  • 11,000 strokes/min allows rapid waste removal
  • 710 W motor for carving even the hardest woods
  • Extended head for all round visibility and easy access
  • Push button for easy, tool free chisel changing
  • Supplied with 7 chisels, storage pouch, special lubricant and spare felt pad

Motor Power 710 W
Nett Weight 2.33 kg
Stroke Rate 11,000 /min
Voltage 230 V

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