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Bessey BAN700 Band Clamp


Bessey BAN700 Band Clamp

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The band clamp is suitable for assemblies made of wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals, but it can also be used with ferrous metals when firm all-round clamping which will not damage or distort the work is required. Because the tape is tightened evenly from both sides, pressure is uniformly distributed all round or at each corner, thereby preventing distortion on one side. Self locking occurs automatically as the strap is tightened. This ensures consistent tension, which is maintained until the strap is released. The Vario-angle adapt automatically and infinitely variably to any angle from 60 ° to 180 °

Clamping Range Up to 7m Band Width & Depth 25mm x 1mm Angle 60 / 80 Degrees

Weight: 0.53Kg

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