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Bessey GH Lever Clamps


Bessey GH Lever Clamps

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Clamping with leverage Speed, safety and strength The original BESSEY lever clamps are lightweight, easy-to-handle, dimensionally stable, and torsion resistant. And the best thing is: they can clamp up to 5 x faster than conventional clamps. This is because they use the natural force of the lever, meaning that with just a small amount of effort they can quickly produce large clamping pressures. This is particularly valuable in situations where many clamps have to be applied in a short time, with no risk of loosening due to vibrations. Try it out!

The lever clamp GH allows you to clamp up to 5 x faster than with conventional clamps.

Rapid - Up to 5 x faster than conventional clamps Secure - Unaffected by vibrations Strong - High clamping force.

Your benefits at a glance:
Secure ratchet mechanism
The ratchet mechanism ensures rapid, controlled, vibration free clamping.
Hardened cam at the end of the lever ensures a long service life.

Extremely sturdy Fixed bracket and pressure plate are produced and tempered from a single piece, thus very torsion-resistant.  This guarantees you maximum tensile strength and sturdiness.

Forged sliding arm
The sliding arm is serrated and made from tempered, drop-forged steel. For an extremely long service life. Ergonomically shaped clamping lever. The powder-coated clamping lever and the plastic-coated release lever are also remarkably ergonomic.

The Bessey G12H has the following:
Clamping force up to 8,000N
Opening: 120mm
Throat Depth: 60mm
Rail: 13.5 x 5.6mm

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