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Bessey GZ-All Steel Screw clamps


Bessey GZ-All Steel Screw clamps

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Particularly light and easy-to-handle. With BESSEY you can be sure of an extremely high quality, durable clamping tool which is also light and easy-to-handle. Even at the high clamping force, it will retain its dimensions and resist distortion. So in future, if you are looking for a powerful, flexible clamping effect, then what you need is a BESSEY all-steel screw clamp! High-quality 2-component plastic handle. Pressure plates may be changed wi33-ut tools.

Your benefits at a glance:
  1. Versatility. Fixed arm and pressure plate are produced and tempered from a single piece of high quality BESSEY steel. Clamping is resilient and elastic.
  2. Forged sliding arm. The sliding arm is made from forged tempered steel, and can withstand extremely large loads. You can always be sure of that.
  3. Smooth-running spindle. The surface-coated spindle with acme thread is particularly smooth-running, and does not bind. For even smoother, more efficient work.
  4. Lightweight. Thanks to its lightweight, the original BESSEY all-steel screw clamp is deally suited to assembly work on the move. Or indeed for larger applications for which several screw clamps are required at the same time.

The Bessey G16Z2K has the following:
Clamping force up to 5,000N
Opening 160mm
Throat depth 80mm
Rail 16 x 7.5mm

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