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Defender 3.3KVA Power POD Transformer

SKU: E205100

Defender 3.3KVA Power POD Transformer

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Exclusively designed and manufactured by Defender, this transformer is a lightweight powerhouse that makes easy work of power distribution in real world harsh environments.

Its clever design eliminates many of the challenges experienced when using transformers on site including recessed sockets to prevent breakages, a high grade Du Pont nylon plastic casing, no chips or cracks and a handy cable management system. The neon power indicator shows power is there, so theres no lost time working out supply faults.

It features 2x 16A sockets that can be used with corded such as SDS drills, small demolition hammers, 4.5" angle grinders, jigsaws and circular saws, numerous lighting , industrial fans, dehumidifiers and fume extractors.

  • Intermittent rating of 3000W - duty cycle 5 mins on / 15 mins off
  • Continuous rating of 1500W
  • Made and tested in the UK
  • Fitted with 240V 13A plug
  • Centre tapped to earth for extra safety

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