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DMT Dia-Sharp Extra /Extra Fine Bench Stone D8EE

SKU: BR702288

DMT Dia-Sharp Extra /Extra Fine Bench Stone D8EE

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Achieving the ultimate sharp edge with DMT's 8,000 grit = 3 micron Dia-Sharp bench stone is a pleasure. The D8EE is the finest grit bonded diamond abrasive bench stone available. It offers a simple and easy solution to putting a truly fine edge on tools and knives. The DMT D8EE Dia-Sharp precision engineered diamond surface will stay flat throughout all your sharpening requirements wi33-ut hollowing, chipping or cracking. Dimensions: 200 x 75 x 9.5mm (8 x 3 x 3/8").

Key Features

  • 8,000 grit, for the ultimate edge refinement down to a polished edge
  • The finest grade micronised bonded diamond abrasive available anywhere
  • Precisely micronised monocrystaline diamond, size 200 x 75mm

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