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Proxxon Micromot

Proxxon Micromot FF230 Micro Miller C/W Compound Table

SKU: PX474050

Proxxon Micromot FF230 Micro Miller C/W Compound Table

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This is an extremely accurate small mill for model making and precision part making. The headstock swivels through 360 degrees, indicated on a scale. Height is adjusted via a zero adjustable hand wheel, also used as fine feed when milling (one revolution equals 1mm travel). The quill and headstock may be locked in position, essential when milling. Spindle speeds range from 280 - 2,200 rpm. The powerful motor drives the spindle via a poly-V belt, yielding high torques, especially at lower speeds. 6,8 and 10 mm collets are included. The solid table is T-slotted to the MICROMOT norm of 12 x 6 x 5 mm. Beautifully made and a pleasure to use.

Once your order is placed with us, we order through Proxxon's UK importers. Your order can take up to 3 weeks to deliver.

Key Features

  • Headstock swivels through 360 °
  • 6 spindle speeds: 280rpm to 2,200rpm
  • Large 270 x 80mm machined steel cross table with 3 T-slots
  • Supplied with collets 6, 8 and 10mm
  • Headstock tilts and locks in position
  • X x Y travel = 170mm x 65mm
  • Column diameter 35 x 400mm long


Diameter of Column 35 mm
Lateral Table Movement 170 mm
Longitudinal Table Movement 65 mm
Nett Weight 17 kg
Nose of Spindle to Table [Max] 180 mm
Rating Trade
Spindle Speed 280 - 2,200 rpm (6)
Spindle Travel 30 mm
Table Size 270 mm x 80 mm
Voltage 230 V

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