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Proxxon Micro Miller FF 500/BL- Ready For CNC

SKU: PX102373

Proxxon Micro Miller FF 500/BL- Ready For CNC

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This CNC-Ready MICRO Mill features double roller bearing re-circulating ball spindles on all 3 axes. Each axis has a powerful step motor driving the compound table and the milling head.

The CNC-Ready MICRO Mill comes without a control unit and without software, for users who already have a control unit. Three standard plugs (SUB-D 9POLE) are necessary to connect the control unit.

The FF 500/BL mill features the latest technology with a brush less direct drive. It is quiet and vibration-free in use with high precision. It boasts a wide speed range, variable from 200 to 4,000rpm, with a clear 4 digit display. Electronic speed control and speed sensors guarantee high torque when using large milling cutters at lower speeds.

The solid column has dovetail slide ways with adjustable jib strips for smooth operation and zero play. The milling head can be angled both left and right by 90 degree either way. The spindle sleeve is lockable and pre-machined should you wish to fit the optional fine feed. The spindle uses ER20 collets guaranteeing trouble-free tool holding and maximum potential.

The FF 500/BL includes 4 ER20 collets (6, 8, 10 and 12mm). The solid plane-milled steel compound table features 3 MICROMOT standard T-slots. Step motors replace the handwheels although manual machining is still possible with the help of cursor buttons.

Key Features

  • Powerful step motors driving compound table and milling head
  • CNC ready for users who already have a control unit and software
  • Quiet, vibration-free machine with high precision
  • This machine must be installed by AT & M engineer
  • Solid plane-milled table in steel (400 x 125mm) with 3 T-slots
  • ER20 collets guaranteeing trouble-free tool holding
  • Supplied with 4 ER20 steel collets (6, 8, 10 and 12mm)


Motor 400 W Brushless
Nett Weight 47 kg
Overall L x W x H 750 mm x 550 mm x 550 mm
Rating Industrial
Spindle Speed 200 - 4,000 rpm
Table Size 400 mm x 125 mm
Throat 125 mm
Travel X Axis 290 mm
Travel Y Axis 100 mm
Travel Z Axis 200 mm

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