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Vaughan 250RBD Bear (Pull) Saw Blade For BS250D


Vaughan 250RBD Bear (Pull) Saw Blade For BS250D

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250RBD 10" Vaughan Bear Saw Blades are made to cut on the pull rather than on the push stroke. This allows for a thinner blade, which removes less material, making sawing easier, faster and more accurate. Bear Saw blades are durable spring steel, plated for rust resistance. The specially ground, tri-edge teeth are impulse hardened to retain their sharpness. Interchangeable blade styles match any task, from rough cuts to fine woodworking; any blade can be used with either style handle. Blade locks securely in handle, yet saw can be quickly disassembled for convenient toolbox storage. 18 & Gradated TPI. MADE IN JAPAN

Technical Specs Blade length: 250mm (10 inch).

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