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Vitrex Dual Purpose Grouting Sponge

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Vitrex Dual Purpose Grouting Sponge

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The Vitrex 10 2913 Dual Purpose Grouting Sponge is a large 2-in-1 sponge ideal for cleaning and polishing tiles. Rounded edges to prevent accidental removal of fresh grout.

How to use a grout sponge
Start with a clean bucket of water. Wet your grouting sponge and wring it out until its just damp. Then, starting along one side of the grouted area, position the sponge so that the corner of one long side of the sponge is in contact with the wall and drag the sponge in a continuous stroke up the wall. Now rotate the sponge to expose a clean corner and repeat the process alongside the first stroke. When youve used all four corners of the sponge, rinse it in clean water, wring it out, and continue the process until youve cleaned the entire area once. Clean the tiles two or three more times using the same process until theyre free of grout residue. A thin film of grout may appear when the water evaporates. Buff this off with a soft cloth.

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