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New Products

  • Sjoberg Benches

    Sjoberg benches are manufactured in Sweden and made by hand. All levels of ability are catered for from DIYer to the Professional Craftsman benches are available.

    Sjoberg beech wood benches have been made for over 100 years at the Stockaryd factory in Sweden. These work benches are made for lifetime of use.

    Sjoberg Work Benches 
  • Wood Carving

    We have a wide range of wood carving tools from Flexcut, Narex, Arbortech, Kutzall and Mora. These are suitable for all levels from introductory hand and power tool accessories for the novice and for the more advanced carver or sculptor. View here.

  • Narex

    Narex are a European manufacturer of high quality woodworking tools, carving tools and mallets. Established, 100 years in the Czech Republic have gained the reputation for high quality hardened steel woodworking tools and accessories.

    Narex Woodworking Tools