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Proxxon Micromot

Proxxon Micromot FET Table Saw

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Proxxon Micromot FET Table Saw

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The Proxxon Micromot Fet Table Saw is a precision instrument designed to deliver precise cuts with minimal effort. It features a stable tabletop design and high-quality saw blade designed to take on a range of materials. With its power and accuracy, you can achieve long-lasting, high-quality results with ease.

A saw designed for precise, straight cuts, with a height adjustable and tilting saw blade, up to 45 degrees. It is made for the fine mechanic, model builder, mould making, toy manufacture, architect, model carpenter and fitter. A variety of optional blades allow it to cut a wide range of materials, such as wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Plexiglas, PC cards, foam and many others. All load bearing parts and plane-milled table are made of die-cast aluminium making the FET saw very stable.

The table and drive lift for easy access for cleaning or changing the saw blade. The micro-adjustable, precise cut length stop allows cuts as small as 0.1mm to be made and as deep as 22mm. The saw blade, which can be pivoted by 45 degrees, makes the cutting of double mitres possible when used with the angle stop. The FET is driven by a special DC motor with Optibelt toothed belts connecting it to the main ball bearing supported shaft. Standard equipment supplied with the saw includes a 36 tooth Tungsten Carbide tipped saw blade 80 x 1.6 x 10mm. A push stick and a non-slotted polycarbonate sawing table inset for tight tolerances between saw blade and table when cutting small parts. The FET has a dust adaptor suitable for connection to a vacuum for dust free working.

Key Features

  • Perfectly straight cuts
  • Height-adjustable and tilting saw blade
  • Supplied with 80mm x 36 saw blade
  • Table and drive can be lifted up for easy access
  • Micro-adjustable cut length stop
  • Easily stored away when not in use
  • Milled die-cast aluminium table
  • Special DC motor with Optibelt toothed belts
  • Dust adaptor for connection to a vacuum
  • Push stick and zero tolerance POLYCARBONATE table inset


Blade Diameter 50 mm or 80 mm
Blade Tilt 0 degree to 45 degrees
Bore Size 10 mm
Max Depth of Cut @ 45 degrees 16 mm
Max Depth of Cut @ 90 degrees 22 mm
Motor Power 200 W
Nett Weight 6 Kg
Rating Hobby
Saw Blade Speed 7,000 rpm
Table Size 300 mm x 300 mm
Voltage 230 V

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