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Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver Pro Guard

SKU: AB340236

Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver Pro Guard

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The ultimate powered woodcarver; the Arbortech cutting disc with tungsten tips will tackle the hardest of timbers, included reclaimed timber with included dirt and other debris. This unique tool, made to fit most 100 mm or 115 mm angle grinders, is precision machined from high quality steel and fitted with three tungsten carbide teeth. The cutting teeth are rotatable and replaceable so there's no need for sharpening. Replacement teeth are available, but with a life of almost 25 times longer than the Pro 4 it may be some time before they are required. From a purely economic standpoint the Industrial Arbortech is a sound investment. Its extreme long life, replaceable teeth and ability to cut a wide variety of materials make it excellent value for money. The Industrial Kit, includes the blade, key and Pro-Guard. The Pro-Guard is a multi-purpose device which acts as a depth stop, a safety guard, a parallel guide and a chip deflector all in one.

Key Features

  • Fits most 100 mm (4 inch) and 115 mm(4.1/2 inch) angle grinders
  • Replaceable and rotatable teeth do away with sharpening
  • Pro Kit includes blade, key and Pro-Guard
  • Pro-Guard acts as depth stop, safety guard, parallel guide and chip deflector

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