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Arbortech Power Carving Ball Gouge

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Arbortech Power Carving Ball Gouge

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Arbortech Ball Gouge is a unique tool designed to fit angle grinders of most brands for power carving. It has a cutting ring on a 30 mm spherical ball with a 90 mm arm that will attach to any standard 100 mm (4 inch ) or 115 mm (4.1/2 inch) angle grinder. The cutting action produces fine shavings rather than dust.

This ball gouge gives you the ability to make smooth hollows and concave recesses in spoons or small bowls and safely undertake freehand shaping, carving and for small to medium sculpting. It allows you to create an interesting, dimpled, chisel-like texture when moved across a wooden surface.

The Ball Gouge is a spherically shaped grinder attachment that can rapidly hollow small concave surfaces in woodworking projects. It is specifically designed to provide exceptional control, balance, and performance in freehand wood shaping and carving. 

The perfectly engineered balance provides exceptional control and prevents dig-ins and grabbing. This offers greater control over the depth and final appearance of a project.

When in use the cutting ring is self-sharpening. While one side of the ring cuts, the opposite side of the ring is polished. By simply loosening and rotating the ring, you will achieve a freshly sharpened edge. The previously used edge then undergoes self-sharpening, more than doubling the life of the cutting ring.

Includes key for adjusting the cutter.

Key Features

  • Carve smooth hollows in wooden spoons or small bowls
  • Will attach to standard 100 mm or 115 mm angle grinder
  • Ideal for small to medium free hand sculpting
  • Carves in any direction, easily hollows or undercuts
  • Create a beautiful chiselled texture on wooden surfaces
  • Efficient and high performance tool offering exceptional control
  • Anti-grab technology helps prevent tool from digging in
  • Self-sharpening blade, rota able and replaceable long life
  • Max speed of 12,000 rpm

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