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DMT Dia-Sharp Diamond Whetstone D6FC

SKU: TS400764

DMT Dia-Sharp Diamond Whetstone D6FC

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A handy double sided diamond sharpening stone with two grits, coarse and fine, clearly marked on each side. Excellent for small and pointed tools, knives and cutters. Size: 150 x 50mm, one side coated in Fine (600 Grit = 25 Micron) grade, the other Coarse (325 Grit = 45 Micron).

Key Features

  • Double sided: fine one side, coarse on the other
  • Fine 600g = 25 Micron and Coarse 325g = 45 Micron
  • Excellent for sharpening tools, knives and cutters, 150 x 50mm

DMT use and care instructions can be found Here

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