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DMT Dia-Sharp Double X Bench Stone D8XX

SKU: TS407737

DMT Dia-Sharp Double X Bench Stone D8XX

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The 120 mesh extra-extra coarse surface removes stock quickly and precisely. With a surface flatness of ±0.02mm, diamond performance and durability, the Double X is perfect for flattening: Waterstones, Arkansas stones, and Synthetic stones. It will quickly flatten plane irons and chisel backs with little effort and will quickly remove edge nicks and chips. Precisely Micronised monocrystaline diamond is extremely durable. Use with water only, no oil required, the Double X will not chip, crack, hollow or groove as with conventional abrasive stones. The solid steel plate is 203 x 76 x 9.5mm thick, with a heavy plating of nickel to prevent corrosion.

Key Features

  • Quickly flatten plane irons, chisel backs water stones
  • For extremely fast stock removal 120 grit
  • Surface flatness of ± 0.02mm, size 200 x 75mm

DMT use and care instructions can be found Here

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