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DMT Diamond Flat Lapping Plate

SKU: TS502408

DMT Diamond Flat Lapping Plate

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The DMT Dia-Flat Lapping Plate will flatten most sharpening stones, water stones, oilstones or Arkansas stones. It is a combination of supreme flatness and DMTs proprietary Diamond Hard coat Technology. It is a significant leap forward in durability and it will outlast any other diamond coating on the market. This is critical because the flattening process puts a tremendous amount of wear on stones compared with sharpening. DMT individually inspect EVERY Lapping Plate to make sure it meets strict specifications. Each plate includes a certificate for flatness, guaranteed to be less than ±0.0127mm across its surface. Over 30 carats of diamond grit give you a consistent, aggressive, 120 micron/120 mesh. The grit cuts fast and produces excellent results. The weight and extra large surface area keep it on your stone and make it easy to use. Size 254 x 102 x 10mm.

Key Features

  • Flattens water stones, oilstones or Arkansas stones
  • Diamond Hard coat Technology for unrivalled durability
  • Every Lapping Plate individually inspected
  • Flatness, guaranteed to be less than ±0.0127mm
  • 30 carats of 120 grit diamond
  • Cuts fast and produces excellent results
  • Size 254 x 102 x 10mm

DMT use and care instructions can be found Here

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