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DMT Diamond Whetstone Fine 150mm 600G

SKU: TS410125

DMT Diamond Whetstone Fine 150mm 600G

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Precision made continuous diamond bench stones, with superior flatness and carefully graded mono-crystalline diamonds. The accuracy of the Bench Stones makes them particularly suitable for flatting-off the backs of plane irons and the back faces of chisels as well as general sharpening purposes. Solid plate steel with all over nickel plating, 150mm x 50mm or 200 x 75mm.

Key Features

  • Superior flatness; carefully graded mono-crystalline diamonds
  • Particularly suitable for flatting-off plane irons and chisel backs
  • Sizes available: 150 x 50mm or 200 x 75mm; Fine 600 grit

DMT use and care instructions can be found Here

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