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DMT Duo Sharp Plus (Fine/Coarse) 200mm/8inch

SKU: TS400369

DMT Duo Sharp Plus (Fine/Coarse) 200mm/8inch

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These DMT double-sided diamond bench stones have the added advantage of a section of continuous diamond coating. This means small or pointed tools are just as easy to sharpen as regular tools. To enhance the value of this DMT include the Duo base and the stone can be flipped to use the reverse side in a matter of seconds. Size 200 x 67mm, with two grit combinations, either Extra Fine/Fine (1,200g = 9 Micron, 600g = 25 Micron) or Fine/Coarse (600g = 25 Micron, 325g = 45 Micron).

Key Features

  • Double-sided diamond bench stones, 200 x 67mm
  • Section of continuous diamond coating for Small or pointed tools
  • Duo base included

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