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Flexcut 4 Piece Carving Knife Set KN100 & Knife Strop PW14 - Package Deal

SKU: TS717758

Flexcut 4 Piece Carving Knife Set KN100 & Knife Strop PW14 - Package Deal

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This package special gets you started in wood carving. It includes the Flexcut 4 piece carving knife set which offers a variety of blades for different carving techniques. The Knife Strop PW 14 helps maintain the ultra-sharp edges of the carving knives. Great for both professional and novice wood carvers!

Flexcut 4 Piece Carving Knife Set. Four of the most popular of the Flexcut carving knives brought together in one set, complete with a top quality tool roll. The four designs are the Cutting Knife, Detail Knife, Pelican and Mini Pelican.

Flexcut Knife Strop Although Flexcut call this a knife strop, it can also be used for other edge tools just as effectively. If a blade has already been honed, it will benefit from stropping to polish the steel further and give an extra degree of sharpness. Regular stropping of a blade means less honing which saves time and effort. Supplied with a block of Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound for a razor edge. Size approximately 200 x 50 mm.
Key Features

Flexcut 4 Piece Carving Knife Set

  • Cutting knife
  • Detail knife
  • Pelican
  • Mini pelican
  • Supplied in tool roll

Flexcut Knife Strop PW14

  • Flexcut leather knife strop with honing compound
  • Excellent for quickly restoring your edges
  • Can be used for other blades
  • Complete with Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound 

To keep you carving tools sharp you'll need a Flexcut slipstrop. For profiled knives the PW12 can be found here and PW14 can be found here 

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