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Flexcut Deluxe Powerstrop Kit PWS20

SKU: TS307020

Flexcut Deluxe Powerstrop Kit PWS20

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The Flexcut Deluxe Powerstrop Kit PWS20 is the perfect set for any woodworker. This kit includes a double-sided PowerStrop stropping wheel with a coarse and fine side, bar of honing compound, convenient use and precise results. Designed to sharpen gouges, skews, carving tools, chisels, and more.

Although designed with carvers in mind the benefits of hard leather honing wheels can be used to refine a full range of the sharp edge tools. The kit contains a block of honing compound, two 90mm hard leather honing wheels, one flat faced 20mm wide the other with a narrow 60 degree vee edge. Both wheels are arbor mounted suitable for fitting to a drill, pillar drill etc. Unlike polishing mops and other softer surfaces, which can round over the edge being honed, hard leather wheels are better at holding a straight line and maintaining a precise edge.

Key Features

  • Suitable for a range of woodworking tools and knives
  • 90mm diameter hard leather wheels
  • Flat faced, 20mm wheel and narrow wheel with 60 degree Vee edge
  • Can be mounted to drills or other electric motor drives
  • Supplied with stick of honing compound

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