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Flexcut Hook Strop PW17

SKU: TS109353

Flexcut Hook Strop PW17

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The Flexcut Hook Strop is used to polish the INSIDE edge of your hook knife.

This round stropping tool is wrapped with a quality leather, which carries the polishing compound. Used on your knife’s bevel after honing, it removes fine scratches and minute burrs, creating that mirror cutting edge. It works equally well on single and double edge hook knives.

The Flexcut Hook Strop is a tad under 21mm diameter so can sharpen any hook or curved knife blade with an internal radius of 11mm or larger. The Hook Strop is approximately 230mm long. The Hook Hone includes a bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound.

A sharp edge makes carving all the more enjoyable.

Key Features

  • Strop and polish the inside bevel of hook knives
  • Works on knives with 11mm radius or larger
  • Use to strop single or double edge hook knives
  • Includes Flexcut Gold stropping compound

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