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Flexcut PW16 Paddle Strop

SKU: TS107103

Flexcut PW16 Paddle Strop

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The Flexcut Dual-Sided Paddle Strop is a classic design. The wooden base has a handle at one end with leather faces bonded onto both sides. One side is the rough (flesh side of the leather) ready for coating with the Flexcut Gold polishing compound. The other side is the smooth (grain side) left clean for final finishing of a blades edge. The stropping surfaces each measure 250 x 75mm. Includes a bar of Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound.

Key Features

  • Put a razors edge on carving and all edge tools
  • Dual-sided, a classic design paddle strop
  • 250 x 75mm stropping surfaces, includes Flexcut Gold compound

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