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Ice Bear

Ice Bear Ceramic Flattening Stone

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Ice Bear Ceramic Flattening Stone

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Amongst the many advantages of sharpening tools with a Japanese water stone is the ease of flattening or resurfacing of the stone. This gives the user the option of always sharpening on a flat surface, thus obtaining the very best results. Use this new 150 grit ceramic stone to regularly dress the stone. The hard ceramic particles and bond means it will never wear out in normal use. Keep one to hand and use frequently by just rubbing it with a circular motion across the top of the water stone. 

Key Features

  • For easy flattening or resurfacing Japanese water stones
  • 150 grit
  • Will never wear out in normal use
Specification for Ice Bear Ceramic Flattening Stone:
Grit 150
Size 155 x 52 x 25mm

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