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Ice Bear

Z-Saw Japanese 150 P 1.2 Dozuki Tenon Saw

SKU: TS7105

Z-Saw Japanese 150 P 1.2 Dozuki Tenon Saw

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This is a smaller version of the Dozuki has a 150mm long blade with 38mm depth of cut. The blade thickness is 0.3mm and the kerf 0.49mm, with its fine 18tpi it makes a handy saw for a range of small sawing tasks and close joints. A special pecker tooth at the tip allows you to start a cut in the middle of a panel. The overall length is 370mm.

Key Features

  • Slightly wider tooth spacing
  • 150mm blade
  • Extremely fine, sturdy and long saw blade.
  • Ideal for cutting dovetail, tenon in hardwood.

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