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Kreg 5mm Shelf Pin Jig KMA3232-INT


Kreg 5mm Shelf Pin Jig KMA3232-INT

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Take your storage to the next level with the Kreg 5mm Shelf Pin Jig KMA3232-INT! Enjoy perfectly spaced 32mm holes so you can easily mount shelves, cabinets, and other storage solutions! Conquer organizational projects with confidence!

A dual-position fence aligns the jig or can be removed to work inside a structure. This jig can also simplify installing concealed hinges and drawer slides in frameless cabinets. Comes with a 5mm brad-point bit.

Fool proof drilling

Create shelf-pin holes at the perfect spacing and depth using the Shelf Pin Jig's hardened-steel guides, high-quality brad-point bit, and stop collar.

Snap two or more jigs together without using tools to quickly drill more holes in one run.

32mm cabinet system compatible for locating hinges and drawer slides.

Add perfectly spaced shelf pin holes to existing furniture, or build custom shelves from scratch, with the Shelf Pin Jig.

Create perfectly spaced shelf-pin holes, plus get help installing drawer slides and hinges.  Shelf pins come in ¼ inch or 5mm sizes.

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