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Kreg Cabinet Door Mounting Jig KHI-CDIJ-INT


Kreg Cabinet Door Mounting Jig KHI-CDIJ-INT

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The Kreg Cabinet Door Mounting Jig is an ideal tool for mounting cabinet doors quickly and accurately. Its unique design allows for rapid installation of all types of doors, enabling accurate alignment every time. The jig also makes it easy to adjust door alignment for an optimal fit. For professionals or DIYers, this jig is the perfect choice for fast, reliable cabinet door mounting.

Get a much needed helping hand for installing cabinet doors with the Kreg Cabinet Door Mounting Jig offers. The jig features a support arm that helps you hold the door with one hand, while your other hand is free to mount the hinges to the cabinet. The Cabinet Door Mounting Jig allows you to mount left-hand and right-hand cabinet doors in any of nine different positions from inset to 25mm overlay at 6mm increments. The jig works with face-frame and frameless cabinets. Included 1.6mm and 3.2mm shims allow micro-adjustment up to 4.8mm during installation.

Easily align and install cabinet doors by supporting each door in the exact same position while you attach the hinges. Simply place the support arm in any of nine positions, clamp the jig to the cabinet, and then set the door in place. Shims provide fine-tuning for an exact fit.

Magnetic shims provide fine-tuning of door position in 1.6mm and 3.2mm increments.

  • Attach hinges easily while the jig helps hold the door in place
  • Position left- and right-hand doors exactly for perfect results
  • Place doors at the height you want with micro-adjustment shims
  • For use with frameless or face-frame cabinets.

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