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Kreg Custom Plug Cutting Bit - HD KPC1060

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Kreg Custom Plug Cutting Bit - HD KPC1060

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The Kreg Custom Plug Cutting Bit - HD KPC1060 is designed to enable precise and efficient plug cutting in hardwoods. It's constructed out of high-grade steel for increased durability, and boasts a cutting diameter that's optimized for high-density material. Get perfect plugs every time with this industrial-grade cutting bit.

The Custom Plug Cutting Bit works with the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter to create plugs that perfectly match your project. This specially designed bit chucks into any drill, and fits into the hardened-steel drill guide in the Plug Cutter to produce plugs in the correct diameter to fit Kreg Jig HD (Heavy-Duty) pocket holes.

  • Creates plugs that fit Kreg Jig HD (Heavy-Duty) pocket holes
  • Positive stop collar ensures perfect drilling depth to accurately sized plugs
  • Open design and enlarged inside diameter provide clearance around plug for easier drilling
  • Special fluting reduces heat and friction for better plugs and longer bit life
  • Multi-tooth cutting tip shears cleanly to produce smooth, consistent plugs

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