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Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks


Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks

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Support, hold, and work on projects anywhere with Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks. These incredibly versatile blocks elevate your material to sit 38mm above the work surface for convenient sanding, finishing, routing, clamping, cutting, and more. With raised painting points, GripMaxx anti-slip surfaces, and a unique design that ensures they won't roll away if dropped, the Multipurpose Project Blocks are must-have tools for every workspace.

Elevated support

Make project tasks of many kinds easier by elevating and supporting your materials while you work. Whether you're cutting, sanding, routing, or joining, Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks hold your workpiece securely. Retractable painting points make finishing faster and easier, too, by holding pieces without leaving marks.

Retractable painting points lock in place when wanted and hold without smudging with the finish.

  • GripMaxx anti-slip surfaces
  • Hexagon shape wont roll
  • Convenient 38mm (1.1/2 inch) height
  • 200-lb. capacity (using 4 pucks)
  • Each contains 4 pucks
  • Retractable painting points.

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