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Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320


Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320

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The complete pocket-hole kit for building DIY wood projects
The Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320 makes it easier than ever to build wood projects — whether you’re building your first DIY project, or you’ve been working with wood for years. The Pocket-Hole Jig 320 works with materials of any thickness between 1/2in and 1.1/2in. It features two drill guides, a removable spacer, and stops for 1/2in, 3/4in, and 1.1/2in thick material that give the versatility you need to build with boards and plywood.

The included material thickness gauge and easy-set drill bit make setup simple, while the convenient clamp adapter and anti-slip base hold the jig precisely in position while you drill perfectly positioned pocket holes every time. The jig and its included components store in a durable, compact case that even has space to store Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws — with 40 sample screws included. Durable construction and hardened-steel guides with a lifetime warranty ensure that the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320 will deliver the years of project-building and home-repair satisfaction and value you expect from the #1 pocket-hole brand — Kreg.

  • Portable jig for creating pocket-hole joints
  • Works with materials from ½” to 1½” thick
  • Simple to set up and easy to use with convenient
    material-thickness stops
  • Durable construction, lifetime drill-guide warranty
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor projects, and making household repairs
  • Convenient variable pocket-hole spacing with twist-apart drill guides and removable spacers
  • Secure positioning with anti-slip base and included clamp adapter
  • Fool proof setup with a material-thickness gauge, positive stops, and easy-set drill bit and stop collar



Glass-filled nylon, hardened steel, thermoplastic elastomer

Number of Drill Guides

2 Drill Guides with twist-apart design

Material Capacity

½in to 1 ½in (13-38mm)

Drill-Guide Spacings

¾in, 1 ½in (19mm, 38mm), unlimited when drill guides separated

Clamping Method

Works with Kreg Clamps and a variety of other clamps


(2) Drill Guides with Material Thickness Stops
(1) Drill Guide Spacer
(1) Easy-Set Drill Bit and Stop Collar
(1) Material Thickness Gauge/Hex Wrench
(1) 6 inch Square-Drive Bit
(1) Carrying Case
(40) Sample Screws
Owner’s Manual


Lifetime Drill Guide Warranty

Shipping & Returns

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