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Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig XL


Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig XL

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Create pocket holes with twice the strength using the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig XL. This extra-large jig makes it easy to build big and build strong using 2 x 4 inch or 4 x 4 inch boards, paired with the impressive holding power of XL Pocket-Hole Screws.

The Pocket-Hole Jig XL features hardened-steel drill guides that position the stepped XL drill bit at the perfect angle for extra-large pocket holes. The two drill guides position a pair of pocket holes at ideal spacing on the width of a 2 x 4 inch or 4 x 4 inch but spacing can be adjusted by twisting the two drill guides apart easily to use them separately.

The GripMaxx material on the underside of the jig helps it stay put while you drill. The jig includes a clamp pad adapter to secure your jig easily with Kreg clamps, as well as many other brands.

Combined with the strength of XL Pocket-Hole Screws, which are specially engineered with extra holding power, the Pocket-Hole Jig XL is perfect for building big.

Build big and build strong projects from 2 x 4 inch or 4 x 4 inch boards with pocket hole joints that have twice strength. Works with new 4 inch and 2.1/2 inch XL Pocket-Hole Screws, and the XL Drill Bit.

  • Adjusts easily to material size
  • Twist-apart dual drill guides
  • Clamps securely during use
  • Simple drill bit setup
  • Works with Kreg XL Screws.

Heavy duty screws 64mm can be found here

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