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Kreg Portable Crosscut KMA4000-INT


Kreg Portable Crosscut KMA4000-INT

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The Portable Crosscut allows you to quickly and precisely crosscut boards up to 8 inch wide and make accurate cuts at a 45 degrees angle using just a circular saw. You'll know exactly where your saw will cut every time thanks to the retractable cut line indicators. Simply align to your pencil mark and cut with confidence.

The saw support ledge starts off every cut with stability and precision, while GripMaxx holds the guide steady throughout the entire cut. It's all part of the guided cutting advantage that delivers high-quality cuts using only a guide and a circular saw. With the Portable Crosscut, you can set up cuts in no time and get to work quickly.

  • Quickly and accurately crosscut up to 8 inch (203mm) wide
  • Makes precise 90 degrees and 45 degrees cuts
  • Retractable cut line indicators show exactly where your saw will cut
  • GripMaxx eliminates slipping and holds the guide in place
  • Take the guide anywhere your projects take you
  • Works with left- or right-blade circular saws
  • Saw support ledge aligns your saw perfectly straight for precise cuts

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