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Kreg Precision Router Table Setup Bars - Set of 7

SKU: PRS3400

Kreg Precision Router Table Setup Bars - Set of 7

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Whether you're working on a table saw, router table, or shaper, setting your tool to the precise height necessary is absolutely essential. The exclusive three-gauge design of the Precision Setup Bars makes them perfect for a wide variety of applications. The concave step on the bottom of each setup bar straddles your router bit or saw blade to allow for precise height adjustment. The step on the top edge of each setup bar acts as a gauge to test the depth of your completed cuts. The step on the end of each setup bar can be used to set the distance from a tablesaw blade to the fence, or a router bit to the fence. Each Precision Setup Bar is made from soft aluminium, designed to prevent damage to your router bit or saw blade in case they make contact during setup.

  • Exclusive 3-gauge design makes them perfect for many applications
  • Concave step on bottom of each bar allows for precise height adjustment
  • Step on top of each bar acts as gauge to test depth of completed cuts
  • Step on end of each bar can set distance from tablesaw blade to fence, or router bit to fence
  • Bars are made from soft aluminium to prevent router bit and saw blade damage.

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