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Kreg Quick Flip Drill and Driver KDRV-FLIP


Kreg Quick Flip Drill and Driver KDRV-FLIP

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The Kreg Quick-Flip makes it possible to use Kreg Screws for a variety of strong, simple joints all with one single tool. Drill a pilot hole and counterbore with one side, then drive a Kreg Screw with the #2 square-drive bit on the other side. With this dual-action tool, you can quickly make joints using Kreg Screws in many different applications.

Kreg Screws are perfect for pocket-hole joints, but their strength and high-quality engineering make them ideal for other uses, too. Use the Quick-Flip with Kreg Screws to quickly face-join corners, attach false fronts to drawers, and much more.

The Quick-Flip features a double-ended insert in a quick-release housing. On one end, a drill bit is sized to drill a perfect pilot hole for a Kreg Screw, plus a cutter that drills a flat-bottomed counterbore that the screw head fits into. Then flip the insert around to expose the other end: a #2 square-drive bit specially designed for use with Kreg Screws.

  • Create a variety of strong joints with Kreg Screws
  • One side drills a pilot hole and counterbore, the other drives the screw with a #2 square-drive bit
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip design
  • Impact rated

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