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Mexco DTXCEL Dual Purpose Turbo Diamond Blade


Mexco DTXCEL Dual Purpose Turbo Diamond Blade

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The DTX Dual Purpose Turbo diamond blade is recommended for the contractor cutting a wide range of non-abrasive building . The DTX produces an excellent speed of cut in applications ranging from hard materials to non-abrasive building materials whilst incorporating an anti-chipping continuous rim segment.

Granite, Class A Engineering Brick, Clay Paviours, Clay Pipes Vitrified, Quarry Tiles, Non Abrasive Indian Sandstone, Soft, Medium & Hard Facing Brick, Hard Slate, Soft Slate, River Gravel Aggregate Concrete, Flint Aggregate Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Kerbs, Reinforced Lintels, Concrete Paviours, Soft Slate, Concrete Blocks Over 15kn, Hard & Medium Sandstone.

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