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Mora Double Edge Hook Knife 25mm (with Blade Protector) 163P


Mora Double Edge Hook Knife 25mm (with Blade Protector) 163P

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This Mora 163P Double Edge Hook Knife 25mm with Blade Protector is perfect for any task that requires precision cutting. Its double edge blade is constructed of hardened stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. The included blade protector ensures a safe and secure storage option when not in use.

This tool has been specially designed for craftspeople all over the world. The recycled Swedish stainless steel blade has a wide curvature with double-edged blade that can be used by pushing and pulling over a surface that needs to be hollowed out.

With a barrel-shaped oiled handle made of Scandinavian birch wood and a 2.0 mm thick double-edged blade of recycled Swedish stainless steel, you can carve fantastic objects where only your imagination sets the limits. The knifes full rat-tail tang runs throughout the handle, providing both strength and stability in every cut. The birch wood barrel-shaped handle allows you to shape it just how you want it. The leather sheath made of Swedish vegetable-tanned leather protects both the craftsman from the sharp edge and also protects the edge from other surfaces that may dull the knife.


Colour - Natural
Usage Area - Woodcarving
Knife Type Hook Knife - Woodcarving Knife
Knife Series Hook knife - Woodcarving Knife
Steel Type - Stainless Steel
Blade Shape Blade - Curved Sideways
Blade Length - 74mm
Blade Thickness - 2.0mm
Fire Steel Compatible - No
Serrated Edge - No
Serrated Spine - No
Blunt Tip - No
Flex Grade - Stiff
Edge Protection - Leather Edge Protection
MOLLE-compatible - No
Knife Length - 183mm
Handle Material - Wood
Handedness - Left Handed, Right Handed
Fit for Children - No
Floating - No
Total Length - 190mm
Net Weight - 70.0g

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