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Narex 200mm Fine Cut Flat Rasp

SKU: NAR-872552

Narex 200mm Fine Cut Flat Rasp

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This Narex 200mm Fine Cut Rasp is ideal for detailed woodworking tasks. With its double-cut pattern of teeth, it is designed for precise shaping and smoothing. Its hardened, tempered alloy steel construction provides an exceptionally long lifespan and unparalleled durability. The 200mm size ensures efficient filing.

  • Rasp are suitable for shaping wood, plywood, panels, plastic and other soft materials.
  • Blades are made of tool steel, heat treated to 45 HRc.
  • Ergonomic handle is made of quality hard hornbeam wood.
  • Rasp teeth are suitably situated on the blade, so that the removal of material is steady and even and most of all in this case, a fine smooth cut.

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