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Narex Carving 6 Piece Set NAR-894710

SKU: NAR-894710

Narex Carving 6 Piece Set NAR-894710

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Carving tools for common woodcarving, suitable for those preferring tradition and style, and also for amateur woodcarvers. Blades are forged from highly alloyed Mo-V steel, heat treated at least up to 55 HRc. Ergonomic handles with octagonal cross-section are made of natural beech wood with oiled surface.

The set contains:

Skew carving chisel 892112
Straight carving chisel, bent 893012
Left skew carving chisel, bent 893112
Right skew carving chisel, bent 893162
Veiner carving gouge, bent 893508
Bent V tool 893706

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