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Recoil Knee Pads includes Carry Bag

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Recoil Knee Pads includes Carry Bag

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Recoil Knee pads are a pair of heavy-duty, joint-protecting knee pads that will reduce the risk of knee damage therefore a must have for anyone who works on their knees.

  • Reduce the pain in your knees at the end of the day due to a 6 spring suspension system. Scientifically proven to reduce pressure by 76%
  • Comfortable, flexible, fully adjustable straps. They don't dig in, don't fall down and don't chafe
  • Built to last and made from premium quality materials to withstand the toughest of surfaces.
  • Recoil Knee pads are Suitable for tilers, floor layers, roofers, joiners, gardeners and anyone on their knees for prolonged periods
  • They come with a 1-year warranty which protects against mechanical failure. If it breaks we will fix it.*
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Recoil has been carefully engineered by a professional team of and bio-mechanical engineers to develop a solution which is Engineered to Protect.

This was developed out of a genuine need and it is Recoils mission to ensure this has the biggest impact it can possibly have on those that need it the most.

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