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Rockler Small Piece Holder

SKU: RK733498

Rockler Small Piece Holder

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The Rockler Small Piece Holder keeps your fingers out of harm's way and securely holds your smallest work pieces while you machine them at the router table. In essence, it turns a small part into a larger part equipped with nice, comfortable handles. It's ideal for the short rail ends on very narrow doors and for small projects like toys, plaques and birdhouses. A variety of scrap blocks can be mounted to the clamp faces for thicker stock, special holding requirements, or to simply control end grain blow out. The quick-release clamp screw lets you slide the holder open and shut in an instant for quick operation. Large, comfortable handles ensure precision and control.

  • Quick-release screw lets you quickly slide the jaws open and shut
  • Two adjustable pins hold the work piece firmly against the table
  • Sacrificial pieces (not included) can be attached to the clamp faces to prevent blow out
  • Large handles for comfort and control
  • Knurled aluminum knob is tightened for a solid hold
  • Abrasive clamp faces prevent material from slipping


(1) Rockler Small Piece Holder


  • Maximum Capacity: 8-1/2'' (215.9mm)
  • For Router Table: Use With a Bearing Guided Bit
  • Brand: Rockler
  • Weight (lbs): 1.8000 (0.82kg)


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