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Silverline 2050W Plunge Router 1/2in

SKU: ST124799

Silverline 2050W Plunge Router 1/2in

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With its powerful 2050W motor, the Plunge Router packs a powerful punch for woodworking, furniture-making and kitchen fitting. Supplied with five different collets, you have the luxury of using a wide range of bits to get your desired result.

Featuring a handy soft-start function, you'll have power straight away whilst minimising the unpredictable, involuntary movements that other routers may deliver. The speed of this unit is variable via the effective control dial. This is invaluable and allows the tool to cover a range of tasks and applications where a specific amount of power is required for different bits or finishes.

Continuing the tailorable nature of the router, the plunge depth is also variable thanks to a precise fine adjustment dial, allowing a range of selectable depths between 0-50mm to provide total user control. Inserting and removing bits is a straightforward operation thanks to the safe spindle lock, which prevents play and twisting of the unit, as well as accidental engagement.

Furthermore, accidental engagement of the 6000-24,000rpm no load speed is unlikely thanks to the safety button, which needs to be depressed at the same time as the soft-start switch. This prevents damage to the work piece or, worse still, injury to the user.

The kit includes a parallel guide bar, roller guide, circle and template guide, 5 x collets, 2 x guide bush plates (21 and 30mm) and a spanner

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