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Sjobergs Scandi Plus 1425 Bench & SM03 Storage Module

SKU: SJ107843

Sjobergs Scandi Plus 1425 Bench & SM03 Storage Module

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Sjobergs Scandi Plus 1425 Bench & SM03 Storage Module

Made from European beech this bench and storage unit package is an asset in any workshop. The vices open to a maximum of 115mm. A double row of 19mm (3/4 inch) dog holes run from each of the vice locations, giving endless opportunities to clamp your work. Dog holes in the legs offer support when working long boards on edge. This Scandi Plus bench comes with the SM03 beech fronted cupboard and drawer storage unit, giving fewer excuses for miss-laying tools.

The optional Holdfast (ST03), makes a useful addition can be found Here

Sjobergs 10 Years Guarantee

A genuine Sjobergs bench comes with a 10 year guarantee and is marked with their official brand on each worktop - a sign that you are buying a workbench that keeps its promises.

N.B. Sjobergs benches are kiln dried to 8% moisture content. If your workshop is not a humidity controlled environment we recommend sealing the bench with 2 or 3 coats of finishing oil on the top, underside and dog holes. This treatment should be maintained from time to time.

Key Features

  • Scandinavian beech worktop, hard wearing and tough
  • Two vices and double rows of dog holes for versatility
  • Includes cupboard and drawer unit and 4 bench dogs

Assembly Manual for Scandi bench can be found Here

Assembly Manual for SM03 Storage Module can be found Here

Maintenance / Care of your bench can be found Here



    Apron Depth 110 mm
    Nett Weight 78 kg
    Overall L x W x H 1,453 mm x 710 mm x 900 mm
    Thickness of Top 38 mm

    Taking care of your Sjobergs workbench!
    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CHOICE OF A WORKBENCH FROM SJOBERGS! If you take proper care of it, it can be used for generations. Here is some advice to ensure that your bench works to your complete satisfaction.

    FOR THE GUARANTEE to be valid and for a longer life of your workbench, all movable parts must be greased with tallow and adjusted regularly. Melt the tallow in a pan or use an immersion heater. Use a brush for greasing, see illustration. Your workbench must not be handled abnormally or stored in damp surroundings. A bench with a shoulder vice is equipped on the underside with 2 adjustment options. One can be used to prevent too much play at the shoulder vice mounting point and the other is for vertical adjustments of the shoulder vice slide. Use these when applicable. Providing the bench with jaw protectors to both shoulder and front vice protects the bench. Check that all bolts have been tightened. A bolt which isn't tight can in time cause fractures of the glued sections.

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