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Sjobergs Smart Clamper

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Sjobergs Smart Clamper

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Sjöbergs Smart Clamper is a mobile vice made from tough, solid beech wood fitted to a strong vice with galvanised steel guide rods. The same vice that is found on Sjöbergs range of hobby benches. The vice capacity is 115 mm. The total width of the Smart Clamper is 400 mm. The vice is 300mm. The weight is only 4 kg (8.82lb). If you want to position the Smart Clamper to be in level with a bench top,  the bench top should have a thickness of 28 mm.

The vice can easily be transported or fixed at any table or bench with clamps or screws. Sjöbergs Smart Clamper can also be used as a vice when you want to build your own bench.

If you need to change grip on a golf club or change a blade on a machine? Perhaps you want to make your own fly fishing lure, paint something or perhaps glue a broken vase?
Sjöbergs Smart Clamper lets you work with both hands free.

Item no. 33330
Material Beech
Dimensions, inches, mm Length 400
Width 430
Vise capacity 115 mm
Weight, kg 4.5

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