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Titebond Titebrush Glue Brush

SKU: TT107609

Titebond Titebrush Glue Brush

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What better than a glue brush designed by the people who make the glue? The Titebond Titebrush Glue Brush silicone glue brush does the job perfectly. It is double-ended with 100% silicone bristles at one end and a flat paddle at the other. The brush end is approximately 20mm wide. The silicone bristles are shorter and stiffer than other similar brushes, giving you much improved control when spreading the glue. Let the glue dry on the brush and then pick it off; it doesn't get any easier or satisfying than that. The paddle end is good for finer detail work, such as mortise and tenon, dovetail and finger joints etc.

Suitable for use with most woodworking and polyurethane glues. Length 235mm.

Key Features

  • Double-ended, easy-clean, long-lasting
  • Brush: 100% silicone bristles for most woodworking glues
  • Paddle: for finer detail glue spreading in joints

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