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Tormek ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate Pk2

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Tormek ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate Pk2

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This Tormek additive makes water non-corrosive; it is particularly recommended for use when sharpening using the Tormek diamond-grinding wheels. However, there is no reason why you cannot use it with the standard Tormek grinding wheels. The anti-corrosion properties benefit your tools whatever grindstone you use.

This superb is easy to use; simply mix it with water and fill the trough of the grinder. It inhibits corrosion both in the tools sharpened and in the machine itself. Supplied as a twin-pack of 150ml bottles, which will make up to approximately 7.5 litres of non-corrosive water in total. Add only 10ml concentrate to 250ml of water (@ 4%) for correct dilution, a little goes a long way. The bottle has a scale showing 1ml and 10ml increments. Mix the ACC-150 anti-corrosion concentrate and water before adding to your water trough. Lower the water trough if you want to save the mix overnight. Also effective when used with Japanese water stones and diamond sharpening stones.

Key Features

Tormek ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate is a reliable solution to protect tools from corrosion and rust. This two-pack helps to ensure long-term protection, and the formula is designed for all types of steel, from stainless steel and high-alloy steel to standard steel. Protect your tools with Tormek ACC-150.

  • Recommended for Tormek diamond grinding wheels
  • Suitable for all whetstone grinders, protects tools and machine
  • Use with Japanese water stones and diamond stones

Safety Data Sheet can be found Here

Tormek Brochure can be found Here

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