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Tormek DE-200 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine - 200mm

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Tormek DE-200 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine - 200mm

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With this diamond wheel, you can sharpen nearly any type of material, including steel, ceramic and carbide. DE-200 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine fits Tormek T-4 Original, Tormek T-4 Bushcraft, Tormek T-3 and earlier models with a 200 mm diameter grinding wheel.

The greatest advantage it gives you is the opportunity to sharpen on its flat side as well as the periphery. Used together with an MB-100 multi base you can sharpen on the side of the diamond wheel to produce a completely flat bevel. The wheel comes with 150ml of ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate.

The Extra-Fine wheel (1,200 grit) will refine and polish the edges of tools such as fine carving knives and similar for a precision edge after sharpening with a coarser stone.

Key Features

  • Diamond grinding wheel for Tormek T-4
  • Provides an extra smooth finish.
  • Constant shape, always maintains the same diameter.
  • Sharpens all types of steel and ceramic.
  • Allows sharpening on the side of the grinding wheel to get a completely flat bevel.
  • Exceptional durability with diamond, the world's hardest abrasive


2 year warranty

 Brochure can be found Here


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