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Tormek EM-15 Edge Marker

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Tormek EM-15 Edge Marker

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The EM-15 Edge Marker is used in the Tormek method for repeating the existing bevel angle of a tool. This means you remove a minimal amount of steel each time you sharpen your tool. 

This marker is alcohol-based and has a tip 1–4.6 mm (0.04–0.18 inch) in size

How to replicate your bevel angle with the EM-15 Edge Marker

This is how you use the marker to set your sharpening to replicate the existing bevel angle:
  1. Color the bevel, mount your tool in the jig and place it on the universal support with the bevel resting on the grinding wheel.
  2. Turn the grinding wheel forward with your hand and check where on the bevel the colour is rubbed off.
  3. Raise or lower the universal support until the colour disappears over the entire width of the bevel. The angle is now correct and it's time to start sharpening!

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use permanent marker with Tormek logo.
  • Cut tip for different thickness marking.
  • Colour the bevel of your tool to see where on the bevel your grinding wheel is in contact.

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