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Tormek LA-124 Narrow Discs for LA-120

SKU: SJ475425

Tormek LA-124 Narrow Discs for LA-120

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This set of optional extra discs has a radius of 2mm (3/32inch) and a 45 degrees tip. These smaller disc profiles permit the honing of small carving tools with very narrow profiles.

You can replace the leather discs on your LA-120 Profiled Leather Honing Wheel with the LA-124 Set of Narrow Exchange Discs. This allows you to hone the inside of the edge on tools with a smaller radius or tighter angle.

Key Features

  • Set of optional, narrow discs.
  • One with a 2 mm (3/32 inch) radius
  • One with a 45 degree tip.


2-year warranty

Brochure can be found Here

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